THE LAST PREPARATION Strategy For CS Students | CS Test Series
THE LAST PREPARATION Strategy For CS Students | CS Test Series


As time gap reduces for Final exams, students get worried for their last round of preparations. And the biggest curiosity they have is “HOW TO PREPARE CS EXAMS DURING THE LAST MONTH”.

It is believed that last month of any Exam Preparation is the crucial period of whole journey. If a student does well in this time, he will surely ensure a good result and achieve success in Exams. No matter, how much a student studied throughout the year but in the few days before the examination, he should try best to study and prepare for the exam papers.

We are here to with some of helpful tips and effective ways to know about how to prepare for your final exams in last one month before final exams.

1. Proper Time Management
Having just month? So you need to manage the remaining time for preparations and revision of the subjects. There is need to create a balanced study plan schedule so that you will be able to study all the subjects within a given time limit. Don’t mix up all the subjects at once. For this, make a time table of all the tasks you have to do.
It is advised to prepare a checklist and keep a track of what you’ve revised.

2. Look at your Notes for revision
A professional course has vast syllabus of subjects and it becomes difficult to revise all before examinations in such limited time. Look at your notes and prepare points for the important topics which will help you to recall everything in an easy way for Exam Preparation. 
Pick up your brief notes subject wise and start reading as reading it for the final preparation can help you remember all the main points and write good answers.

3. “Take maximum from Test Series or solve Previous Years Question Papers”
This is proving to be most effective preparation tips when you are rushing out of time at your final preparations. This will help you not only to know the format of the exam paper but show you what your preparation till now is. While preparing during the last month for exams, practicing test series and sets give us an idea about the type of questions asked in the examinations and will get you to know the exam time limit within which you need to finish.

4. No Cramming Before the Exam
Many of the students have a habit of Cramming topics. This is totally the wrong way! It is always suggested that no new topics shall be touched before the exam as you may tend to forget the things you have already remembered. Before the examination, if you are learning something new, it is just like Cramming. Cramming will make you forget what you have already learned.

5. Reallocate your studies by categorizing Subjects
Professional courses consist of various subjects that can be categorized as some are memory-based; some are problem-solving; some are interpretation-based. For most effective way to prepare last month and learning, you should alternate between each subject categories in a long period of study time. This is one of the best methods among how to cover your study in a month.

6. Work on presentation
Your answer sheets need to be presented in a proper way as it has more chances of getting good scores in the subjects. So, also practice writing better answers before the exams so that you may get used to writing good answers. Utilize some of your time to get the maximum result out with a good presentation.

7. Revision within 24 hours
The three R’s which are very important to remember are Review, Recap and Reinforce in last 24 hours before your examination. It is said that if you failed to do so, you failed to remember 80% portion of the topic you’ve read.
Thus, revise it within 24hours of time in order to let retain all you have read in your mind for a long time.

8. Don’t panic while preparing for the exams
For sure have huge syllabus to cover up, a lot of burden of expectations and many more things but don’t let stress to rule over you and effect your preparations. Stay calm and take you back to what you have read and what will do it.

9. Your health is also important
It is very important to maintain a good healthy even if you have less time for exams. Have good breakfast, healthy lunch & a light dinner which shall keep mind alert and active the whole day long. Remember that a good food is essential for optimal thinking.

10. Explain your answers to others
There is great advantage in studies when you explain your answers to the questions put before you. One side this helps you in memorizing the things you read better and the other side it can make you know any weak area were you are lagging behind & need improvement.

With these some of the final exams last month study tips you can score much better in exams.  All the best for your exams!