CS Test Series is an online platform having multiple offerings from its online platform which helps students to clear their Company Secretary course it  provide an amazing test series both schedule and unscheduled for CS exams.

CS Test Series

CS Test Series is an innovative learning platform that provides CS Executive Test Series & CS Professional Test Series - old & new syllabus. Get a detailed analysis of your test papers by All India Rankers and learn how to present yourself in a professional exam.

  • CSEET Test series
  • CS Executive - Old Syllabys and New Syllabus Test series
  • CS Professional - Old Syllabys and New Syllabus Test series 


CSEET Solve Now (Procedure)
CS Executive Old Syllabus Test Series Solve Now (Procedure)
CS Executive New Syllabus Test Series Solve Now (Procedure)
CS Professional Old Syllabus Test Series Solve Now (Procedure)
CS Professional New Syllabus Test Series Solve Now (Procedure)

CS Test Series is a fast-growing e-platform run by professionals for chartered students engaged in the professions of CS (Company Secretary). By providing career counselling, doubt-solving sessions, etc., we strive to provide students with unique learning methodologies and exam preparation tactics Our products and services are designed to help and guide students in preparing for final institute exams.


  1. E-Mock Tests
  2. Video Lectures
  3. Placement Support
  4. Summary Notes and related Updates
  5. Books
  6. Offline Centres for physical Mock Tests

We are a team of qualified Professionals with All India Rankers to help students for CS - Company Secretary students.

About selfdrive


Empower others to be a leader in their field.


Providing an innovative way for easy learning.


  • Test Series is for CSEET / CS Executive/ CS Professional
  • The pattern of Test Series: -
  • 4+1 (4-unit Test & 1 Full Test)
  • 2+1 (2-unit test & 1 Full Test)
  • Full Test-1


  • Unit Test: Max 50 marks. Full Test: Max 100 marks
  • The students will be given suggested answers for each test.
  • For select subjects, the video suggested answers from our faculty will be offered free of charge to students enrolling in that subject.
  • Flexible test schedule.
  • Students can appear for tests as per their preparation & when it is convenient to them.
  • They shall prepare their timetable.
  • The checked answer sheet will be available within Three working days of submission.
  • Students can start appearing for the test right after purchasing the Test Series.




  • Any doubts about the test series? Enroll for our TRIAL TEST before registering for an entire test series.
  • Qualified CS professionals check answer sheets.
  • Special counseling sessions are available for customizing test schedules from our Company Secretaries on student request.
  • Special counseling session on performance improvement from our company secretaries on student request.

What We Do

We are qualified professional here to help students in CS field about how to crack exams

We Conduct chapter-by-chapter mock tests on a regular basis that will help you prepare for your exams


There are video tutorials present on how to write in exams from competent CA CS experts and A.I.R. holders


Each response includes a comment from us on how and what you might improve in your solutions and writing skills.


Anyone can access the summary notes (at no expense) ,by which revision can be completed quickly and several times.


Continuous advice on exam writing.


You can clear your Doubts 24*7 by joining our WhatsApp group.

Why choose us?

We are primarily focused only on cs students so our focus is only to give cs student best service.
24×7 Doubt clearance through our whatsapp group.
Our comments on your written answers will help you to know your mistakes and improve writing skills before final exams.
Our dedicated team of professional will help you to achieve your goals easily and faster, A.I.R Holders in Professional exams are part of our team.
Through video tutorials our professional will guide you how to learn faster and easier also memory techniques.