Exam Preparation For December 2020 Students | CS Test Series
Exam Preparation For December 2020 Students | CS Test Series

Exam Preparation For December 2020 Students | CS Test Series

You might have entered into a new stage of your professional course and thinking of how to prepare now for this stage. We are here to tell you the manner in which your preparation shall commence and take you to achieve your goal. Here is the strategy that will help you to complete your studies of your particular stage:

Start preparing well in advance

If you have opted for Self study you need to start well in advance without having a second thought that you have enough time or you cannot remember things studied one and half year back. Hard works pays and therefore an early start and continuous practice can give a
better output Identify your key subjects and other that are not in good part of yours Your professional course is fragmented practical subjects, semi practical subjects and theoretical subjects. Identify the subjects that you are comfortable with and which are your grey areas. Like if you are weak in practical subjects while theoretical subjects are your strength, then your strategy that be accordingly done. It is necessary because in your strengths you need to put less efforts than the other subjects in which you are not good.
Understanding the Topics & Concepts Through this you can understand practicalities which may be either through classes or self
study. What you need to do is:

 Preparing notes or summarized format of your subjects, mark important topics while studying. Make sure you understand all concepts and do write it down; it will help you to recall when you prepare for your exam.
 Just think you have to learn something new. What important is acquiring knowledge. So gain as much knowledge as possible. Don't think about exams right at this stage. Understanding the exam papers Pattern This will help you to understand how your exam papers actually look like? What type of questions are asked and how preparation can be done accordingly:
 When you have completed your classes or self study, have a look on all latest papers. It may be of last 3 or 2 years and understand the structure of exam papers, see how actually they are set and what are the number allocation pattern.
 By having a glance of exam papers you will get exam insights and when you will get back to study, you will know what type of questions you need to form to test yourself and how to prepare as per that.

Preparing for Exams (I stage of Revision)

This may take around 2 months and you need to prepare for exams, based on the pattern of exam papers you have seen. Based on what you have learned till date, you will solve everything keeping in mind the type of questions that are being asked in exams.
Self Check Revision (II stage of Revision) It may take around 1 month and this will be to gain confidence in what you have studied.

 A real quick revision which may go like one chapter each of four different subjects per day.
 No need to solve in details, just keep reading & find out the answers to it. You can roughly do one or two or questions.
 Read questions and answer them orally.

Paper-solving (An Exam before Exam)
This will be one month before your exams and it will give you an environment of examination hall and understand your level of preparations. You schedule should include nothing but practicing Test Series or Test papers It should have rounds of paper-solving; this should be daily basis

Final One Day Match (III stage of Revision)

This should be to get ready for final round of exam studies and within last week before exam.
 To rectifying mistakes noticed while solving paper.
 You can make division by revising the complete portion in 75% of the day and use the rest 25% in solving the test papers.

Thus with a proper strategy, strong determination and continuous practice you can prepare well to achieve success in your professional course.
So, Let’s Begin Today!!!!!!