ICSI CS Traning Structure | CS Test Series
ICSI CS Traning Structure | CS Test Series

ICSI CS Traning Structure

Important aspects of CS training Structure (both old and new) as per ICSI regulations CS course training details
Every student who undergoes CS course is required to acquire the practical experience and training requirements for obtaining membership of ICSI. After applicability of new regulation w.e.f from 03.02.2020, the training structure is:

i. 21 months long term practical training after passing the Executive Programme and completion of the one month EDP
ii. Executive Development Programme (EDP) that is of one month; consisting of 15 days class room mode and 15 days e-EDP after passing the Executive progarmme Examination.
iii. Corporate Leadership Development Programme (CLDP) of not less than 30 days but not exceeding 60 days after passing Professional progarmme Examination and completing training requirements.

Commencement of Training procedure

21months Management Training with the Company After passing Intermediate/Executive Programme, students are eligible to commence 21 months training. Procedure should be followed for undergoing 21 months Management
Training with the company as under:

i. Students are required to apply to the Institute (Training Section) in the prescribed CS training form ST 10 mentioning their choices of companies along with EDP Certificate.
ii. Institute will be forwarding the sponsorship letter (biodata letter) to the companies as requirement by them with a copy of it to the concerned student also.
iii. The student should contact the particular company after receipt of the letter from the Institute and seek for an appointment with regard to an interview
iv. The company after selection of student would forward appointment letter mentioning the date of commencement of the student training to the Institute for their records.
v. A final sponsorship letter shall be forwarded by the institute to the company with a copy of the same to the particular student also.

21month Apprenticeship training with Company Secretary in Practice

A student may undergo 21 months apprenticeship training after passing CS Executive Programme with a Practicing Company Secretary registered with ICSI for providing training as per the procedure specified: -

i) Before commencement of training, the student is required to apply for the issue of sponsorship letter in the prescribed training form available in the ICSI website.

ii) After getting the sponsorship letter from the Institute, a contract for apprenticeship training (CS training agreement) in the prescribed format (as per the Apprenticeship Training Guidelines, 1982 as modified from time to time) is required to be made between the PCS and the student on non-judicial stamp paper of appropriate value
applicable to different state, in duplicate. One copy of the contract is required to be kept with both the parties.

iii) On execution of contract for apprenticeship, within 15 day, the Company Secretary in Practice/ student is required to submit:

 A copy of contract
 The details as prescribed in Part A & B relating to employer and trainee
 Copy of completion certificates of both EDP and Executive Programme.
 Registration fee of Rs. 50/- (Rupees fifty only)

iv) Thereafter the Institute after taking the training on record will issue 21 months apprenticeship training registration letter to the Company Secretary in Practice with a copy to the student.

CS training amendment

There have been many amendments in the training structure of CS course. Major changes were made in the year 2014, 2016 and 2020. “Modified Training Structure” was introduced w.e.f. 1st April, 2014 and it was applicable to:

 A student who has been registered to the Executive Programme on or after 1st April 2014; and
 A student who has been registered on or before 31st March 2014, to the Executive Programme and opts for the modified training structure in place of the earlier training structure.

The major changes were in Long term internship with specified entities, where the changes were as under:

CS training after foundation: After passing the CS foundation programme, three years on registration to Executive Programme
CS training after executive: After passing CS Executive programme, two years.
CS training after professional: After passing CS Professional programme, one year.

With the introduction of new regulation in the year 2020, CS training period under Long term Practical Training was changed to Twenty one (21) months (only after completion of one month EDP and passing of Executive Programme).

For executive passed students, which are falling under the older training structure may start their training within 06 months i.e. on or before 3.8.2020 under earlier/modified training structure. Afterwards they will be shifted to new training structure under New Regulation, 2020 automatically.

CS 15 days training that was required to be completed under specialized agency as per old training structure has been discontinued as per the new regulation applicable from 03.02.2020.

CS MSOP training that was applicable to the students registered in CS Executive Programme on or before 31.03.2014 and students registered in CS Executive Programme on or after 01.04.2014 was dispensed with and it is not applicable under new regulation w.e.f 3.02.2020.

The detailed applicability can be accessed at
https://www.icsi.edu/media/webmodules/status_applicability_various_training_students.pdf available at ICSI site.

CS training applicability
ICSI has announced that from 03.02.2020 new training structure is effective. The earlier and modified training structure shall be closed from 03.08.2020. The students who fall under earlier and modified training structure can switch over to New training Structure.

Type of Training Earlier Training Structure (CS Executive Programme registration on or before 31.03.2014) Modified Training
Structure(CS Executive
Programme registration
on or after 01.04.2014)
Under New Regulation
(w.e.f. 03.02.2020)
t Programme
Applicable and was of
(8 days)
Not Applicable  Applicable (one month i.e
15 days class room mode
and 15 days e- EDP, after
passing the Executive
Programme Examination)
15 days
Not Applicable Applicable (Executive
Programme Examination
passed on or after25.08.2015) 15 days= 2days Induction+ 3 days e-
governance+5 days skill development +5 days
Not Applicable
Long term Practical
Fifteen (15) months (after passing Executive Programme) On registration to Executive Programme- 3 years;
Or After passing the Executive Programme-
2years; Or After passing the
Professional Programme- 1
After completion of one month EDP and passing of Executive Programme- 21 months
Professional Development Programme (PDP) Applicable(24 hours)  Not applicable  Not Applicable
Training with
Specialised agency
Applicable (15 days)  Not Applicable  Not Applicable


CS training stipend

Particulars Students who opted for training after taking registration in
Executive Programme
Executive Passed Students Professional Passed Students
If undergoing training under PCS Minimum amount of Rs 2000/- per month Minimum amount of Rs 3000/- per month Minimum amount of Rs 4000/- per month
If undergoing training at Company /other
Minimum amount of Rs 3000/- per month Minimum amount of Rs 4000/- per month Minimum amount of Rs 5000/- per month

CS training exemption

If a candidate is having working experience of desired duration as per the Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982(as amended), he can seek exemption in the prescribed manner in CS training form st10 to the institute. The detailed guidelines can be accessed by the students who wish to claim exemptions and are required to submit the requisite
documents as per that.


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