"CS Test Series Schedule"

CS Executive & Professional Exams conducted by ICSI Twice in a year. CS Test Organized Schedule Provides detailed bifurcation of chapters of each subject for Test Series basically for CS - Company Secretary Students in Planning their ICSI  CS Exams.
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CS Executive Old Syllabus Test Series Schedule.

CS Executive New Syllabus Test Series Schedule. 

CS Professional Old Syllabus Test Series Schedule.

CS Professional New Syllabus Test SeriesSchedule. 

Schedule & Past Papers

CS Test Series Schedule Starting From 15th JAN 2022, (4+1)/(8+2) Unscheduled Test Series

CS Test Series Schedule Starting From 05th January 2021

Note:- The given CS Test Series Schedule given in the website is flexible for May 2021 and you can attempt any paper anytime before 20 May 2021